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Making a difference in Brazil with Oppia Educational Project

Making a difference in Brazil with Oppia Educational Project

Not more than a few months ago, a team of collaborators committed to empowering students started to form in Brazil, providing equitable access to an engaging and quality education through the open source platform Oppia.

As Coordinator of Portuguese Translations and a project participant for the Outreachy program, I would like to present in this post how is the work we are doing for Introducing Oppia in Brazil, the impact we believe we can achieve, as well invite new volunteers and new organizations that share our vision to join this team or form partnership of impact.

If you feel inspired to get to know and contribute more to the project by the end of this post, be sure to send an email to or fill our interest available here.

We believe in Oppia’s vision of a world where access to education is not a privilege but a universal human right, as well as its potential to impact the educational landscape in Brazil, helping students build the skills needed to carry a happy and fulfilling life. The project is already active in India, Palestine, Ghana and Afghanistan, where it has been able to help plenty of students gain access to education. It is this kind of impact that we seek for Brazil, through this expansion.

Oppia aims to act in this scenario of extreme inequality of opportunities in education not only by providing a scalable space for educators to create and share knowledge through “explorations”, but also by developing and validating with a team of specialists a collection of math lessons that are effective, enjoyable, interactive, personalized, and also universally accessible for students and teachers around the world.

The math lessons, also called explorations, are guided by a virtual tutor who provides personalized feedback to students, have voice narration to help students with low literacy skills, and are available via Oppia’s Android app that can be used to play the lessons offline.

Seeking to introduce the platform, and especially this incredible set of math explorations in Brazil, the Oppia Brazil team has been organized so far in 4 main pillars:

  • The first works with the translation of lessons into Portuguese, as well with their validation and adaptation to the Brazilian audience through research and user studies.

  • The second looks to develop successful relationships with like-minded NGOs to connect with teachers, students, and parents in underserved communities.

  • The third seeks to scale the platform’s digital reach in Brazil by analyzing Personas and creating and delivering online content to ensure the platform reaches parents, educators and students who could truly benefit from it.

  • The fourth, and also very important pillar, is about creating a broader and more lasting Brazilian community within Oppia.

Each of our volunteers contributes by doing what they love and are passionate about. Our volunteers work in many different aspects of Oppia, including art and design, software development, research, translation, collecting student feedback, creating lessons and with social media – which you can learn more about by visiting </a> or fill our interest available this page. And if you also identify with this project, no matter who you are or where you come from, everyone is welcome in this community!

If you are part of a social organization and believe that we can work together to improve education in Brazil, send an email to and we will be happy to arrange a meeting to present more about the project and talk about a partnership.

What are the benefits of contributing to this open-source project?

  • Expand your networking, working with different people around Brazil and the world;
  • Practice or gain new programming, design, research, language, teamwork and many more skills.
  • Exchange experiences and improve the skills you set out to work on;
  • Make new friends;
  • Contribute to a project that benefits the community by working on something you enjoy doing!

Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn for any help or questions you have about the project!

And thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed knowing a little more about Oppia and the work we are doing in Brazil.

LinkedIn: caroline-intaschi

Team Brazil WhatsApp Group: Join here


Volunteer Interest Form: Fill it here

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