Caroline Intaschi
Caroline Intaschi I am a designer and developer with a passion for creating. My dream is to make the world better.

A Quick Introduction

A Quick Introduction


I had this project for some time now of starting blogging about themes of my interest, but it never really got out of the paper.

As Outreachy encouraged me to start writing this post to introduce myself, here we go. :)

I’m Carol, a 24 years old woman living in Brazil and I’ve just got selected for the 2021 Outreachy internship at Oppia Foundation, which I’m really excited about.

I’ve always had this fire for leaving, somehow, a positive impact into the world. That’s why I became a vegan activist some years ago, and that’s why I’ve chosen the Oppia project to apply for.

As the Oppia project aims to provide free, enjoyable and quality education for everyone, anywhere, I feel like participating in this is a really good opportunity to start bringing more positive changes to the world, in addition to being an incredible opportunity to learn new things, collaborate with people around the world, and to be introduced to the world of technology.

In fact, it was not so long ago that I discovered my passion for technology. I’ve just graduated in Architecture and Urbanism, at State University of Campinas, a course that I’ve chosen because I love to create. Thankfully, my interest in studying subjects such as psychology, design, computing, social and data sciences, led me to combine my love for creating with my passion and curiosity for technology and its broad potential for impact.

If you are still curious and would like to know a little more about me, know that I also take a lot of interest in music, culinary, circus art (I used to love performing on stage) and nonviolent communication.

For me, practicing NVC (nonviolent communication) is a way to be less judgemental and always remain open, in an empathic way, to other people’s needs. In fact, this video of Marshall Rosenberg is one of my favorites in life.

This is what I have for you, for now. In the coming weeks I will be writing more about my experience with Outreachy internship at Oppia and other subjects!

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